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Exopolitics Magazine

A New Quarterly Magazine by Exopolitics Great Britain

Exopolitics Magazine

Autumn 2014 Edition OUT NOW!


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Announcing a new magazine about UFOs and much, much more!

Exopolitics Magazine - Issue 1 Coming Soon!

Introducing Exopolitics magazine, a magazine dedicated to the progression of Ufology and the study of UFOs.

Within its pages you will find articles on some of the topics and themes that will come under the lens at the Annual British Exopolitics Expo and the Extraterrestrial Communication Conference in the summer of 2014.

The term “Exopolitics”, meaning the politics of our interactions with others not of this planet, brings with it the challenge of framing it within what is now nearly seven decades of deceit.

This challenge means that the data presented at the Exopolitics Expo is not always necessarily “exopolitical”, nor is it necessarily old-school “ufological”. It is presented however to give a broader and clearer cognisance of our own place in this world.

This is itself a necessary prerequisite for understanding – or rather – comprehending of our interactions or influence with any “others”, terrestrial or otherwise.

That “others” exist is evidenced by meticulous work of researchers stretching over the last seven decades. This evidence indeed goes back far into recorded history and, no doubt, beyond.

What we are experiencing collectively may not be new, throughout history the ruling paradigm of the time – enforced for political or theological purposes – has always come to be challenged and undermined, not necessarily by the beliefs and practices of the outsiders, but by the very nature of reality itself.

If we are in similar times, albeit placed into our particular civilizations circumstances, then we should not be too surprised whe the end result of deception is ultimately revelation.

UFO disclosure is often expressed in terms of the authority that a body has to disclose it. While politics describes the politics of instruments and institutions of our society – rarely, if ever, do they relate to the intent of being of the individual. Whatever the true nature of the UFO phenomenon is, we, as sentient and sovereign human beings, are all the authority that UFO disclosure needs.

Therefore, in that sense, this is disclosure.

What's in the Second Edition?

Exopolitics Magazine is a FREE e-magazine by Exopolitics Great Britain. It contains all you will need to know about the leading British UFO conferences organised by Exopolitics Great Britain:

The magazine features articles by many well known researchers in ufology and exopolitics:

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Extraterrestrial Communication Conference - 28th June  2014

First Edition Contents

  • Expand Your Reality! by Andrew Johnson
  • Flying Saucers, Contactees and Extraterrestrial Communication by Anthony Beckett
  • Dr. George King: Contactee with the Gods from Space by Richard Lawrence
  • Belief or Proof? Ufology and the verificationalists dilemma by Grant Cameron
  • Looking back at ‘Contact’ by Robbie Graham
  • The John Lennon UFO Story by Grant Cameron
  • “Is there anybody out there?” by Anthony Beckett

Why Exopolitics Magazine?

The publication Exopolitics Magazine is intended to provide support for the work of Anthony and Rachel Beckett, the hosts of the British Exopolitics Conferences since 2009, and to provide a platform for the UK's exopolitics movement. The primary intention of the magazine is to raise awareness of the issues and to provide necessary publicity to promote the events.